Every year takes place international exchange which is designed for young people to show them differency between countries and cultures. It also help them to develope English outside the classroom.

Year ago I was taking part in international exchange to Holland. Trough week we lived in ours hosts’ houses and our time was divided on two parts: workshops and free time. We have been meeting each other every day at school and after that we were going on our workshops – for me it was survival training. Afterwards we had a time to decide how could we spend our free time – it was decision between our host and ourselves.

Few months after we came back to Poland they arrived to us for one week visit. We organised workshops for them, like singing and dancing, which they performed in front of the school before they went back to Holland. In free time we were going out mostly with whole group. We had enough time to sightsee Warsaw and also spend this time relaxing and just enjoying ourselves caused the idea of exchange.

It was an excursion which will stay in my memory forever. This type of trip helps in making bonds between people who are surrounded by various environment and speak in different language. In my opinion everyone should try international exchange.