During the exchange in  Netherlands in the city called Zwolle I stayed in a town called Dedemsvaart. It is a kind of  village which is located 30 km from Zwolle. One of the biggest and most important monuments is a canal which flows through the village and is also named   Dedemsvaart, and is the source of the village’s name.

The canal is 40 km long and runs from the village Hasselt to the town of Gramsbergen. In 1848  the Dedemsvaart canal made the village the most important trade outpost  in its municipality.  Another monument I would like to write about is actually an international monument and that is the lime kilns (a type of furnace) that are called `t Leshuus. My host told me that many Russians (mostly)and many others Europeans come and visit this place for some reason but she don’t know why because those are just lime kilns.

While visiting the Dedemsvaart museum  In one of the antiquity room, one can learn more about the kilns, the canal itself and Dedemsvaart industries in XIX century. There is one more international attraction that is really beautiful, it is the botanical gardens of Mien Ruys. The town consists of old fashion houses and in my personal opinion I think those houses are stunning and much nicer than in Poland.

In Dedemsvaart there are many recreation points for example an indoor pool or  a lake where you can swim, surf, fish, sail and do other fun stuff about water sports. But if you don’t feel like playing in the water you can just lay down and sunbathe on a sandy beach that was expanded not long ago.

Not far from the lake  a big park was created which involved many playgrounds and skate pods.  One can find an artwork “C I love you”, popularly called “the rabbit” it draws a lot of attention and it’s definitely worth seeing , trust me.