After great visit in Holland full of tulips and windmills, it became a moment to invite Dutchs to country known for potatoes and dumplings. The first day of their stay was a sunny Thursday, the sky was clean, wind was blowing softy. Perfect weather  for a flight. Dutches had a long travel to Poland with change in Paris. Cheerful as always, they have been taken from airport to their hostfamily's houses. In the evening, we wanted to show them our city so we went to parks and boardwalk. Of course, we didn't forget about taking photos. On Friday we had workshop called "Colours of the Future" when we could be as creative as our imagination let it. After this, we had workshop when we could design our own T-shirt. The result of our work was amazing. All of T-shirt were colorful  and some of them were really funny. On Saturday we had another chance to show our painting skills. We visited a pet shelter in Milanówek to paint it's wall. Workshop called "Graffiti". The topic of our graffitis were "forest" and "wild animals". It was a real pleasure to help the pet shelter and make this building more attractive. Sunday was the day with family, everyone spend it on their own. Monday and Tuesday were the days of workshops: we had science workshop, singing workshop, dancing workshop and DIY ( do it yourself ) workshop. In added, on Monday we had a hot air ballon flight. Poles and Dutches loved that. We had stunning new on Pruszków. On Wednesday, we show our school what we had done that week. We sang two songs: Michael Jackson "They don't care about us" and "Circle of life" from the movie "The Lion King". We danced a really nice dance, it was belly dance and Bollywood dance. We also show pictures from other workshops and told about our experiences. After performaces we went to Warsaw. We have seen Baths and the Old Town. We ended our last day of having Dutches in Poland delicious dinner in restaurant nearby our school in Komorów. In the late evening, we played billiards to spend the last hours together. Thursday was the day of leaving Dutch delegation. We all arrived on the airport, said "good bye, hope to see you again soon" and watched them flying home. It was a great week with memorable moments. It was worth taking part in international exchange.