We hope that you will have an enjoyable, instructive and memorable trip. Since you travel as students at Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Marii Dąbrowskiej, we have made regulations that you have to relate to before and during the trip. We ask the student and one of the parents/guardians to sign the regulations.

  1. Bus/plane trips: you are obliged to comply with the regulations laid down by the bus company and/or the airline.
  2. You have to comply with the school regulations during your stay.
  3. The stay at host families: you have to stick to the “house rules”. It is particularly important that you always tell the hosts where you are going and that you agree on the point of your return. If no other information has been given, you will have all arranged meals together with your host family.
  4. You have made an agreement with one of the teachers that you will send a text message to him/her at an arranged time every night. As a starting point, you have to be home by 23:00. This rule can only be deviated if you have made a particular agreement with your teacher.
  5. Spare time: you should never be on your own, especially in the evenings. Always be with someone you know, friends from school or someone from your host family.
  6. Since the trip is arranged by the school during school time, you always have to comply with the general school regulations.
  7. Clarification of regulations: there is an absolute ban on the use of alcohol and other intoxicating substances.
  8. Before the departure, you have to prepare a group presentation of the school and of the delegates. In addition, each delegate has to be under the obligation to meet prepared to the workshops. Each delegate also has to make arrangements with his/her subject teachers in advance of the trip when it comes to progression, term papers, tests, hand-in exercises etc. If you do not meet these obligations, you will be given a warning of a reduced mark for orderliness.

Violation of the regulations can result in a student being sent home at his/her own expense. A reduced mark for orderliness and/or a reduced conduct mark might also be a consequence subsequent to a trip like this. This will also be the case if new information (pictures, messages etc.) becomes known for Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Marii Dąbrowskiej subsequent to the trip.